A Victim of School Start Times

By: Ava G.

“The science shows that teenage students who start their day later increase their academic performance, attendance, and overall health,” Newsom said in a statement.” Pedestrians also showed, “...recognizes insufficient sleep in adolescents as a public health issue…”

With this being said, how many adolescents get a decent amount of sleep that they are actually able to successfully operate throughout the day? Can I just say with being one, I don’t. When looking around the hallways in the morning most students and teachers look miserable and as if they never want to see a school ever again. It truly sad to see.

In an article by Los Angeles Times “California becomes first state in the country to push back school start times” it explains that sleep and your daily life with academics and your health is seriously affected. With this it’s quite frightening. I get it because there are times I only get little sleep and wish I could get more, everyone does. However, with homework and waking up early it’s quite impossible, and not only having to pay attention and understand all kinds of new information everyday it’s pretty tough. Considering this you have to understand different problems that could occur.

Many people including myself never understood why they can’t just push back the time it would be great because waking up isn't fun but, going to school for eight hours after little sleep is worse. So, I love to know that people are reconsidering decisions that affects our youths health. It creates a start to making school more enjoyable.

When L.A. Times mentioned this questionable topic because there are many debates to be made I believe as I am sure many others do to that it’s a beneficial way to start adjusting the start times of schools.