Animals are People Too

By: Madison B.

Animals. We all love animals, right? Families give them love and affection, and the pet gives it right back. We keep pets in our houses because we love them, but some do not. More and more reports of animal abuse has been shown and people want to do something about it.

The article “House Unanimously Approves Bill to Make Animal Cruelty a Federal Offense” talks about how animal abuse has been turned into a federal felony. If committed, the penalty would be up to seven years of prison. Yikes! That’s a lot of years, but it seems that it would be an effective way to reduce the rate of its occurrence.

There has already been a law to ban ‘crush videos’. These videos entailed animals being hurt in ways such as being burned, crushed, drowned, impaled, suffocated, or put in other ways of torture. Some videos showed rabbits being stamped on by women with spiked high heels. However, the face was hidden, so no accusations could be used towards who did it. This law was signed by Obama in 2010. This law failed to point out what the videos were all about; animal abuse. The law just banned those specific videos. The most recent bill (that is hoped to be signed) shows an understandable message that animal abuse is not welcomed or appreciated and it should be illegal to harm animals.

It is great to see that people agree with the idea that animal cruelty should not be allowed. The article states that “...animal cruelty is an indicator of social pathology and those who commit crimes against humans often start out by hurting animals.” If animal cruelty is not allowed, people who do acts of crime might stop right at the beginning. If they can’t hurt animals, where do they go? What do they do next? An answer may be that they will understand that they need help.

This article also talks about a person named Micheal Vick who participated in dogfighting. During one of the fights, he was taken for prosecution and sentenced to 18 months of federal prison, and two months of home confinement after pleading guilty. Vick was the one who actually operated the dogfights. That is awful! This law should prevent animal cruelty once (if) the bill is signed.