Debate over School Start Times

By Madison B.

California became the first state in the country to push back school times for middle and high schools. That’s great. At least, some people think it’s great. Others tend to believe that it will inevitably result in the children being affected. But why do people think that? Doesn’t getting more sleep sound like a good thing? The article “California becomes first state in the country to push back school start times” by LAT states that this topic is very controversial. Some feel very obliged to pick the idea to push back times because it helps students’ health and allows them to get more sleep, while others think that it affects the district’s money and efforts.

Changing the school times would force the district to change the bus routes to a different time, costing a lot of money. Pushing back times can prevent parents from dropping off their students before work. After school activities would need to be pushed later in the day because the students would be getting out late.

Ouch! It sounds good to be able to get more sleep at night, but it seems that changing the times may not be the most beneficial idea. With this being stated, the student’s health doesn’t seem to matter. If you look through the halls, all you see are tired students and teachers. Is that good? No!

Luckily, there is evidence to support why it would be healthy for students to start later. Starting later has shown improvement to the students’ grades and health, but is this enough to convince other states to also push back the start time? Many students are sleep deprived and schools thought that moving the time when school starts could be the solution.

Both of these ideas either supporting or denying the idea of pushing back school times can be big factors. The students’ health is very important because it affects their academic abilities, but it will cost the district loads of money. Is it worth pushing back times for all the effort it will take?