How Laptops May Change the PC World Forever

By: Michael S.

When it comes to performance, everyone knows smaller and more portable PCs have never really been able to compete. These computers are never able to keep up with any heavy tasks. But will it always be that way?

The answer is simple: No. The article How Microsoft’s Newest PC Could Pave the Way for Future Computers by Time discusses Microsoft’s newest PC in the Surface Pro line, which could possibly revolutionize the way laptops are made. The Surface Pro X uses a newer kind of mobile chip, rather than the larger and more power-consuming chips you would find in most computers. With the recent innovations that have allowed mobile chips to start to take on high-load tasks, laptops may become a viable selection for people who need high performance on their computer.

I think that using a mobile chip is a very good decision on Microsoft’s part. Mobile chips are already very advanced and optimized to provide performance while still taking up very little space. These are the two main features that laptops strive for, so using them would save the time, money, and uncertainty that comes with trying to slim down traditional computer chips any more.

Obviously, people are still skeptical about these advancements. I’ve had plenty of bad experiences with computers that have tried to combine performance and portability, and I’m not alone with that. However, mobile chips have definitely made improvements, which is evident in the devices they were originally made for; phones. These devices have made huge and clear improvements, turning them from a device that struggled to run most of processes into the most popular gaming platform across the world, a process which usually needs a huge amount of processing power. In fact, some mobile chips, including the one used in the Surface Pro X, are able process tasks using 50 times less power, turning a single process such as gaze correction that would normally take a full 15 watts of power into just 300 milliwatts.

These new chips may not skyrocket laptop performance right away, but with the rate that they are improving, we can expect improvements in laptops over the course of the next few years, as new chips and processing methods are developed.