Jeopardizing Jets Grounded

By: Abby H.

Boeing 737 Max jets have been ordered not to fly. According to the article “Safety Experts Slam Boeing And FAA For Design And Approval Of 737 Max Jets”, “Investigators link both crashes to a new automated flight control system on the plane known as MCAS, which acted on faulty data from a single angle of attack sensor and repeatedly forced the planes into uncontrollable nose dives.” 346 people died before the order came. Boeing didn’t fully explain to the Federal Aviation Administration what the MCAS does. Former National Transportation Safety Board chairman Christopher Hart blames poor communication for the crashes.

Automated control systems are becoming more and more common as technology advances. However, the pilots do not have the necessary understanding to operate it. With more complex technology, some things are bound to go wrong, given that each innovation is unique. To guarantee the safety of travellers, more thorough research and testing needs to be done. More training needs to be given so pilots can stop the system from doing anything that would endanger the safety of those aboard the plane. While there are still other factors that could endanger the lives of those flying, we have to try to eliminate the factors so we can make airplanes a worthwhile way to travel.