NFL Suspensions Too Much?

By: Chase C.

Everybody’s heard about football, but did you know that when a player breaks a rule they could be punished by being suspended from playing? In my opinion they should just be fined and then in more serious cases such as Myles Garrett’s should be a fine and a couple games off.

In an article by USA Today more than 26 nfl players were suspended, NFL player suspensions for 2018 season USA Today. It's crazy that that many players were suspended when it could’ve been resolved by a big fine, and happy fans come from their favorite players being able to play.

Too many games off could affect a team in huge ways if it is one of their star players being suspended. The player deserves to be fined of course, but suspensions destroy playoff chances of more for some teams. Anyways fines could be way worse than suspensions seeing as they could lose a huge sum of money and still be able to play instead of a suspension. I believe suspensions should be a very rare thing and fines should be heavier.