Running a Marathon In Every Single Country

By: Anna S.

Have you ever ran a marathon? How about 196 marathons? Didn’t think so. Nick Butter has seen the world through running 26.2 mile long races. The article “Why This Man Ran 196 Marathons In 196 Countries” tells us how Nick did this crazy thing. In fact, he has ran a marathon in every single country. Nick was doing it for a close friend that had been diagnosed with Cancer. Nick proceeded to raise money for an organization throughout his travels.

Planning this trip took around two year. Most of the races Nick ran didn’t entail of running actual planned races, instead he just ran the distance of a marathon in every country. This made the planning process a lot easier. In these two years, Nick had to fundraise, get the correct visas, and research popular running places in each country.

In January 2018, he packed his bags and headed into Toronto. As he would proceed to go to the rest of North America, and the whole world. Keep in mind, Nick had to use nine passports in total. All of these would help him get into different countries throughout the journey. Having multiple visas and passports confused him at times, but it was great to have all the different stamps in the passports.

In total, Nick was to travel around 255,000 miles in planes. Additionally, he got hit by a car, got food poisoning, and had a kidney infection at one point. Despite this, he still had a great time. Still managed to not miss a single one of his 455 flights around the world.

Nick got to discover so many things. For example, one of the marathons he ran was alongside an erupting volcano in Guatemala. Nick even made some friends along the trip. One of them invited him to dinner at his house, and let him shower. Actually, they are still in contact to this day. Some people are just so nice and caring. As Nick states “Saying yes to things ultimately leads to good things.”

Nick Butter ended up raising over $168,000 for Prostate Cancer. This is thanks to his friends, family, planning team, sponsors, and people he met on his journey.

But overall, Nick really got to see the world. All in different perspectives. People tended to be living happier lives when only living on a dollar a day. This tended to be in poorer Asian countries. Nick enjoyed learning the different ways people sat, prayed, ate, and acted in public. All throughout this, he said he felt welcomed everywhere.

Would you ever do this? Nick is planning a world tour in 2020 to share his amazing journey. Maybe he’s coming to you!