Using "Their Take" to Plan "Our Take"

In the early stages of the the planning process, Anna and I hit a road block when brainstorming how the podcast would look. It was natural for us to then turn to the students to incorporate into the planning process. With the use of Mentimeter, we were able to poll students about aspects they wanted us to take into consideration when putting together the structure of the podcast. Our main takeaway was that students wanted CHOICE in the content of the articles that would become the subject of their weekly podcast.

With the help of our students, we created a framework for how podcasting would become part of the current "Article of the Week" assignment.

Article Topics:

  • Teacher will compile a monthly list of articles to fit a variety of categories within our blog.

  • As students find topics of interest, they will email an article link to the teacher to be approved for our monthly list.

  • Students will choose two articles per month to write a blog post on to potentially be featured on "Our Take" website.


  • Blogging mini lessons will happen throughout the first month to instruct how to use creative voice in crafting a blog post.

  • Instead of formal reflections on articles, we are now using this assignment to build our voice as creative writers while still assessing the necessary writing standards through the use of blogging.

  • Students take ownership of their blog post as they are given access to publish and design their post on "Our Take" website.


  • Two students per week will record a podcast on their choice of article/topic.

  • Students must submit their article topic a week prior to their recording date.

  • We will be using Garage Band to record the podcast, and Anchor to host the podcast. Students also created musical intros to use for the start of our podcast using Garage Band.

We are aware that things may change, and we may adjust along the way. By taking into account student opinions, we feel they have more ownership over the podcast and blog. After all, we cannot call it "Our Take" if their take isn't taken into consideration.