The Aspect of School That Can Be Negatively Affecting Our Education

By: Alexis G.

“The pediatricians’ group says it ‘recognizes insufficient sleep in adolescents as a public health issue...and acknowledges the potential benefits to students with regard to physical and mental health, safety and academic achievement.’”

Ok, but seriously. Who actually knew that having more sleep in the morning was an important factor to our health and education? I’m sure I didn’t. It makes sense when you think about it. Look around in the hallways in the morning, all you can see is tired students/teachers. It’s terrible.

In the article from the La Times titled, “California becomes first state in country to push back school start time” it talks about how this change can turn into a big con. This can be alarming for students. I get it. I am a student and of course I would love to get more sleep and anything to get more sleep. Who wouldn’t? For this change to happen you have to know there would be problems. This change can interrupt things such as scheduling.

I always wondered why they wouldn’t push back the time. Nobody really likes waking up in the morning. I’m already mad I have to wake up early, but now I have to look forward to having about 8 hours of school. I’m happy to know that people are recognizing the problems and are fixing it. Of course this won’t fix everything. But, it’s a great start to making school more enjoyable.

The LA Times article mentioned this is a very controversial topic. I can see why. There are many pros and cons to this topic. I know I’m skeptical about this actually playing out. Who wouldn’t knowing it’s not going to start for another couple years. I believe starting with one state was a great place to start. It would be a great experience for other states interested.

The debate on starting school earlier is going to continue on for quite a while. Leave your comments on what you think in our comment section to help with this discussion.