The End of the World and the Connection to Teens

By: Abby H.

Dystopian books are becoming popular. I, for one, have read A LOT of them. From “The Hunger Games” to “Matched” to “Renegades”, I immersed myself in war, imperfect societies, and a reminder that there is more than one side to every issue. In the article “Why Teens Find The End Of The World Appealing” from NPR, it says, “In dystopia, he says, ‘Teenagers see echoes of a world that they know.’” When I read that, I thought of “The Giver”. In “The Giver”, they are only allowed two children, one boy and one girl, to prevent overpopulation. This is kind of like in China, where there is also a limit on kids. Many dystopian novels take the world we live in, and blow the problems up to epic proportions. What today is like can easily become a lot worse in time. The world we live in has been messed up by past generations. We have climate change, and a lot of prejudice to face. Dystopian books make us think. We may end up in a world out of the books we read if we sit back and say “Someone else will do something to fix it.” The characters in the books take the risks others wouldn’t take. They are survivors. In today’s day and age, we have to survive too. We are the future of the world.