The New Nike React Infinity Run Are Helping Prevent Many Injuries

By: Anna S.

An article titled “The Nike React Infinity Run Was Made to Reduce Injuries” goes in depth on how the Eliud Kipchoge broke two hours in the marathon while wearing these new Nike shoes.

These shoes have new technologies that has barely been seen before. The article talks about the new statistics of the shoes. One of the statements were… “After helping Eliud Kipchoge do what was once considered impossible by breaking the two-hour marathon barrier, Nike Running is starting a new initiative that aims to reduce runner injuries— an effort that's racing out of the gate with the new React Infinity Run. Loaded full of React foam and featuring plenty of advanced tech.”

Additionally, the shoes can now handle wear up until 600 miles! Normally shoes can only handle up to 300 miles. Which is double. Also, these Nike shoes have new cushion technology. It provides equal measures in stability and cushion, but in most shoes you have to choose between one or the other.

Nike had these shoes tested against the Nike Structure 22… The runners that tested the shoes, reported 52% less pain in their knees/feet.

From breaking records, and amazing goals, these shoes haven’t let anyone down. But, we aren’t done there… Nike is planning on releasing a debut for NikePlus members in January. The price is yet to be determined. Once released to everyone, this could be a game changer. As these shoes are only available for certain people right now.

Are these shoes really worth it? It lead to Eliud Kipchoge broke two hours in the marathon. All because of shoes? Most importantly, these Nike React Infinity Run have helped narrow down injuries in the running world. Just wait until January!