Typhoon Leaves a Dramatic Change on People living in Japan

By: Julia M.

“Typhoon Hagibus has left a trail of death and destruction in Japan.” “Up to 33 people have died, and at least 19 people are missing. About 187 people have been injured.”

This is insane! There were so many lives that were taken. Nobody would want to go through this horrifying event. I for sure know that I wouldn’t want to go through something like that. Do you ever see terrible tragedies on television, and instantly feel bad for the people whose lives are lost? Because that’s how I feel. It’s a terrible thing to go through.

The article “Typoon In Japan Leaves Up To 33 Dead, 19 Missing” written by Doreen Mccallister talks about the many lives affected due to the event. People all over the country were suffering from the event. Whether they were injured or not. People injured trying their best to recover. Those not injured suffering, thinking about the people dead and missing. People praying for others to survive.

The event was like a horror movie. Strong winds and rain towered over the country. A 5.7 magnitude earthquake struck. Many rivers flooded. People terrified. Loud screaming. People on their rooftops, screaming trying to get help. A woman fell to her death out of a helicopter. Wouldn’t this situation scare you?

One day my grandpa was struggling to breath. He was put into the hospital. I was crying for days thinking that he was going to pass away. At this time I was thinking about how my life was harder than others.

Today I cannot believe I would ever think of that. After seeing horrible incidents on television. After reading the article “Typoon In Japan Leaves Up To 33 Dead, 19 Missing”. I know that everyone deals with what I went through. We all just ask the same question. “Why in the world does this have to happen”. Let me just tell you right now. It’s a part of life. Life can be hard at times. We can’t change anything about it.