Who Started It?

By: Trey F.

“Rudolph tried to rip Garrett's helmet off but was unsuccessful.” “Garrett managed to get Rudolph's helmet off instead as he got to his feet.” “When the quarterback charged at him, Garrett brought the helmet down forcefully on top of Rudolph's head.”

During the last 8 seconds of the Cleveland Browns vs the Pittsburgh Steelers on November 14, 33 players were fined by the league that Saturday for their involvement in the fight between Myles Garret (Browns defensive end) and Mason Rudolph (Steelers quarterback). Both were in the wrong during the time. Garrett tackled Rudolph late after a short pass, and the two players tussled on the ground briefly, during which Rudolph tried to rip Garrett's helmet off but was unsuccessful. Shortly after that Myles ripped off Masons helmet and hit him on the head with it. However Garret was fined $45,623 and was suspended indefinitely from the NFL. While Mason only got a $50,000 fine. So were the punishments amongst them fair?

Sure I think Myles was the one who triggered Mason’s reaction, but if Mason didn’t try to take off his helmet would any of this would’ve happened? According to cbssports.com “Rudolph thought the hit came late, and he retaliated by trying to rip Garrett's helmet off.” So given the evidence and thinking about what really happened I say Mason started it. If he would’ve just taken the late hit instead of retaliating. He would’ve gotten 15 yards and none of this would’ve happened.

I can’t justify Myles’s actions, but I believe Mason had a part in the brawl as well and should’ve gotten a suspension of 1 game at least along with the fine that he received.