Will Penguins Only Be Seen In History Books?

By: Juliana S.

Almost everyone has heard of penguins, right? Well, I'm sure our generation has but will future generations even know what a penguin was? Due to climate change they may not. The emperor penguin and many other arctic species are marching towards extinction. We are the reason why animals are dying, why oceans are melting, and why air is becoming polluted.

The rising epidemic of climate change has just recently been the topic of articles from around the world. The lives of penguins almost completely depends on the sea ice. So if the sea ice keeps melting at the rate as it is now, we’d expect emperor penguins in Antarctica to experience an 86% decline by the year 2100.

In the article A magisterial arctic creature could be marching to extinction - Inverse it states, “Our newly published study found that if climate change continues at its current rate, Emperor Penguins could virtually disappear by the year 2100 due to loss of Antarctic sea ice. However, a more aggressive global climate policy can halt the penguins’ march to extinction.”. If the global community doesn’t change our acts penguins could be extinct within the next 50-80 years.

If our acts continue, scientists predict that CO2 in the atmosphere could reach 950 parts per million by 2100. These conditions would produce a very different world from today’s.

If the global community acts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and succeeds in the stabilization of keeping the average global temperature 3° Fahrenheit above pre industrial levels the Emperor Penguins would only decline by 31%. It's still drastic, but an applicable amount.