Will There Be No Music in 2020?

By: Jenna H.

Everyone loves going to concerts, right? Well there may not be any concerts for a little while. In the article, “Will Coronavirus Silence School Bands and Choirs?” concerts have been getting shut down left and right. This is mainly caused by the pandemic going on now called the Coronavirus, this virus has shut down all schools in the past when the virus had begun spreading to the U.S. But it has also canceled most concerts for choir, and band/orchestra students, this is because the article stated, “In the span of several months, group singing and musical performances and rehearsals, once a source of glee for millions of students, are now potential disease incubators—especially if those performances are conducted indoors.” So no one was able to go see, and perform in concerts because of the high risk of everyone there getting Covid-19. But, outdoor concerts were allowed only when people there were social distancing. (six feet apart.)

During the time when most or all of the schools were shut down, they were doing online schooling, so the choir and band student’s director’s weren’t allowed to hear their students at all until this delay in learning was over. Gretchen Harrison, the choir director at the district's Frontier Trail Middle School, quotes, “"I had little tenors or barely tenors who are going to come back with baritone voices and I'm going to have soprano voices that are becoming more adult in their sound,’ Harrison said. ‘I can hardly stand the wait.’” And after the wait of online learning, school starts again and with a new type of schooling, called hybrid. Hybrid mainly cuts the students into two, and one half goes to school on Monday, Tuesday, while the other goes on Thursday, Friday. While they stay online for the opposite days. Also, most choir and band directors made rules about no sharing equipment, instruments, or pieces of paper for music. But what about concerts, how are choir and band supposed to do them, or are they even allowed to? Those performances may have to wait. At least 15 Biloxi High students have tested positive for COVID-19, forcing the school to transition to distance learning after weeks of in-person instruction. So, we may know more about concerts for band and choir members in the future, but for now we must be patient with this pandemic and wait.